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Main Players:
Cindy - band leader, voice, mandolin, tamborine, lemon
Sarah - drums, voice, whistle
Monica - fiddle, voice
Nen - electric guitar
Neil - roadie

- Leave Vancouver 5:30am, girls in rental mini-van, boys in Nen's '88 vehicle.
- Breakfast in Hope sees Sarah spilling orange juice all over table and her crotch, and Monica's high decibel levels attracts cute hydro workers in red jumpsuits.
- Nen's car begins leaking transmission fluid east of Revelstoke.
- We think we fix it and press on.
- Monica and Neil switch cars.
- The mini-van rental loses sight of Nen's car, so we wait roadside in Canmore, then go to our gig at the Ship & Anchor in Calgary.
- Nen's car has more problems.
- Nen and Monica make friends with truckers, curse us, and have philosophical discussions before crawling into Calgary.
- Dave, the Ship & Anchor promoter, is super sweet and babysits us the rest of the night!
- We include a Creeper song from FUBAR in our set for our cute host Craig Evans.
- Cindy drinks a beer abandoned in bathroom.
- Latin lover forces Cindy to dance, causing her to smash into a girl's head.
- Craig escorts us girls to his bachelor pad.
Sarah chooses not to share hide-a-bed with Cindy.

- When folding up hide-a-bed, Cindy discovers old used condom on bedroom floor. Sarah later discloses that this is why she fled.
- $30 permit parking ticket on windshield of rental. After consulting Neil, Cindy throws it in garbage.
- We wander aimlessly around quaint area of Calgary, sort of looking for Monica.
- Monica's friend frightens our host by breastfeeding in his front yard.
- We leave Nen's smoky car in Calgary, and head for Canmore.
- At the Canmore Hotel, Cindy inquires about our hotel rooms, snagging the only room with its own TV and bathroom. Bonus: everyone gets their own room!
- We are delighted to discover the Buttless Chaps in front of the big screen TV in the bar. It's love at first sight.
- Super cool bartender, Desi, feeds us lots of nice beer all night long.
- A very drunk hotel employee, Linda, informs us that she's the crazy spoon lady who will play during both our sets.
- The bar fills with an odd assortment of frat/sorority types and trashy aggressive locals who'd rather hear some hard rock. Monica obliges by screaming "I Want To Be Your Dog". They make Neil and The Buttless Chaps nervous.
- During our set, we are oblivious to continuously hurled epithets such as "show us your tits!"
- Buttless Chap Dave Gowans unsuccessfully tries to squeeze into a Tennessee Twin tank top.
- While dancing to The Buttless Chaps, Linda's one-eyed boyfriend propositions Cindy to a threesome. Cindy declines.
- All over the bar, people are making out and fights break out.
- We tell The Buttless Chaps that they have to party with us after the show, so they do.
- The party is in Cindy's swank hotel room.

- Very early in the morning, Buttless Chap Morgan knocks on Cindy's door to retrieve his shoes from the party room.
- Cindy wakes up and doesn't know where she is.
- Cindy (in pajamas) and Monica go to breakfast with The Buttless Chaps.
- Parting with the Chaps is such sweet sorrow. We go our separate ways.
- We gather Nen's car in Calgary and drive carefully and slowly to Edmonton.
- Cindy is hung over, maybe Nen and Neil are too.
- Upon arriving at the Rev Cabaret, we eventually discover that the promoter has called in sick.
- The backstage room smells rotten and surely hasn't been cleaned since the New Pornographers and the Gay were there.
- No bathroom in sight.
- The Smugglers are all ill. No one wants to party with us.
- Cindy tries to do the splits on stage, but no one is there to see it.
- Mark Kleiner and his brother are hilarious.
- Cindy vainly tries to locate her camera as she witnesses the Smugglers doing yoga backstage in their white jumpsuits.
- We dance with Operation Makeout.
- Cindy uses empty beer bottles to clap for the Smugglers. They break.

- Monica purchases hideous moose baseball cap very early in the morning.
- We leave Nen's car with his parents in Edmonton. Neil commandeers the rental eastward.
- We stop for lunch in Vegreville, home of a giant Easter egg and anti-choice billboards.
- Cindy steals a coffee mug from Albert's family style restaurant. Others aren't impressed.
- We take lots of photos with the giant Easter egg.
- Nen tickles Neil or something while he's driving and we narrowly escape death from ramming into a truck.
- At Amigo's, our promoter Brandt is very sweet and takes good care of us.
- We are fed well, even the vegetarian, and we get to stay in a cool old hotel called the Senator. Cindy is assigned the cold, small, haunted room, while the others share the party room.
- Not many turn out for our show. Maybe Labor Day weekend isn't the best time for touring in this neck of the woods. The few and the proud are enthusiastic, and we actually play well and sell merch.
- Mark Kleiner's pal Jody Cason opens for us, and we fall in love with her. Her lyrics are clever, her voice is sweet.
- Once again everyone else jams long after Cindy leaves the stage, giving her more time to drink.
- Back at the hotel party room, we laugh, drink, smoke.
- Cindy goes back to her haunted room to pass out.
- Neil gets half naked and attacks everyone, but they fend him off with a loaded camera.

- Saskatoon is closed on Sundays, so we drive back to Edmonton.
- Everyone tries to prevent Cindy from driving again after she played The Louvin Brothers "Satan Is Real".
- Back in Edmonton, Nen's parents decide to host a BBQ for us!
- Cindy immediately endears herself to Nen's parents by going shopping with them at the IGA and by revealing her Croatian heritage.
- Almost everyone eats big steaks.
- Nen's mom finds places for us all to sleep at the expense of those who live there. She also gives the girls fresh matching pajamas to wear!

- Early in the morning, we discover Nen and his dad crashed out in front of the TV with sports playing. How cute.
- Nen's sweet mom gives us each a cute little present for the road!
- Leaving Nen behind, we leave by 7:30AM.
- At the Coquihalla tollbooth, we encounter a line-up. Over an hour later we hear there's a huge pile-up.
- After a brief argument over who's gonna eat whom, we discover an opening in the median, so we turn around, go back to Merritt and take Hwy. 3 back home.
- At dusk, Cindy is elected to drive. It gets dark. Torrents of rain.
- Super curvy road. Lots of backseat driving.
- We survive the tour, arriving back home by midnight. We all have to work the next day. We kiss goodby and hope not to run into each other for awhile.

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